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Shopify Development

It’s not required to have any technical experience to manage your Shopify store, but if you want a custom design to match your vision and brand, you’re going to need some technical help, sales conversion focus and a customized design approach for your webstore or online shop

  • We create and setup high-performing, conversion-focused, functional and beautiful custom designed Shopify web stores on the Shopify platform.

Already got the design handled?  Just need someone to bring your Shopify eCommerce store to life?  Let us turn your vision into reality.

  • We can speed up Shopify page load times, Integrate Payment & Merchant systems and much more.  

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Areas of Focus

Store Shop &
Payment Setup

Creative Works + Shopify’s best practices help ensure your shop or store is setup, activated to take smooth payments, integrated with your merchant systems and properly reporting data and analytics from the start.

Custom Design &
PSD to Shopify

Unique industry based conversion oriented UI goes into our layouts, work flows and sales funnels when we are custom designing a Shopify website. Optionally, stand out from the rest with a custom PSD design converted into a HTML/CSS Shopify template or theme.


Does your business need integration with your ERP or CRM system? Our Development and Sales Engineer meet and learn the critical steps and operations needed to make your Shopify integration solution a success.


We help Shopify clients reach their sales goals and grow their reach of customers beyond their Shopify store. We offer ongoing plans that keep your eCommerce website streamlined while maximizing your website & hosting resources up to and including; scaling, compressing, resizing images or content, reducing page load times, app testing, browser testing, etc.

WooCommerce Development

Creative Works partners with WooCommerce Experts to build custom shopping experience that takes into account your conversion, scaling and inventory management goals. Small, and Medium sized businesses will stand apart with design and integration solutions custom tailored to meet your business’ needs and get to the next level of online sales.

  • From auto popup and strategic life cycle coupons to incentive based surveys; we find creative ways to keep your customers and shoppers coming back for more. We know how to generate repeat shoppers and customers.

Need someone to create a custom WooCommerce website or custom modify a WordPress or WooCommerce plug-in? Let’s brainstorm it today!

  • We understand the clean custom coding required to modify or create high quality WooCommerce plugins. We can also modify or create WordPress and WooCommerce compatible themes from PSD to HTML5 and CSS3.

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Payment Gateway
Merchant Setup

There are many options for processing payment with a WooCommerce powered store but not all specific work-flows and modifications come pre-configured to make the most of your shopping experience. We help you weigh out the options and implement best practices so your website can better handle payments.

Extension Modification

Creating and altering WordPress / WooCommerce extensions to customize or enhance shopping is our ‘thing’. Our Business Development and Operations background helps us focus on solving problems by creating simplistic solutions with sales and marketing never being neglected.

Theme Design

While WooCommerce has immense potential as a shopping cart, developing a high-quality custom theme design is no easy task. Great work means not working too fast or slow but in a way that focuses on getting the precise look our clients seek and getting the job done right.

Custom Work Flow

Balancing customer satisfaction, decreasing time wasting and increasing sales are a tough mix. Workflow Automation is the way to go. We streamline vendor/supplier processes like drop shopping, eliminate common shipping integration errors, prevent any bottle-necks and work out the kinks in your WooCommerce website.

Magento Development

More robust than Shopify and immensely more customizable and scalable than WooCommerce; Magento is the way to get it done when the other’s simply aren’t cutting it. Medium to Large or high volume eCommerce stores can benefit from customizing the shopping experience, account profiles and theme design as well as extending extension functionality, optimizing and getting the most out of your Magento Installation.

  • Our brainstorming and research process ensures we combine your unique needs and our development skills to create a competetive, full strength Magento eCommerce website.

Need to migrate, backup, restore, launch or update Magento?

  • Our team or qualified partners take the guess work out of Magento operations. We make the process smooth and in most cases: fast.

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Custom Design

A Magento theme may not be the best fit for you, and can actually cost you more in the long run. The checkout process, category pages, landing pages or any unique functionalities may need considerable customization in order to get the exact fit. We help you decide on a design and process that eliminates doubt and inspires confidence.

Custom Shopping
Cart Development

Customizing of the checkout process can be a daunting task. Compromises may result in a checkout process that is weak or too complicated in some parameters making conversions and the customer experience suffer. Our team creates sensible checkout work-flows by accommodating our clients’ needs in a clear and user-friendly fashion.

Plugin & Extension

As complex as Magento extension development is, our process is pretty simple. We set up a timeline and get to work modifying pre-existing modules or programming created by other developers to fit your needs. We typically complete custom Magento module modifications or new extensions within 2-6 weeks.


Considered the not-so-fun part of Magento, Upgrades, BackUps and Migrations are certainly important and can’t be neglected. Our qualified development experts can show you how to perform on the fly backups or automatic backups. We can also help you upgrade to Magento 2.0.

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