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We love to simplify the website design process.  Honestly.

We don’t just charge people to put their business info up on a site and pay a monthly fee to keep it going.  We really try to design something unique for our client, (YOU), because we know you are personally connected and invested.  We work smarter and use the same logic when building your site.

We design, build and manage websites in a way that cuts costs, prepares your business for the future and is still efficient and effective.

We avoid cookie -cutter designs and templates and we never fit your business into a pre-existing design.

Small Business Web Design

  • Functional & Engaging: Small Business and Retail websites are conversion minded and oriented but still need to keep your visitors attention.  Every page will have a purpose and targeted “flow” to convert visitors into… whatever your business needs to happen.  
  • Easy to Edit: Change or edit any part of your website using built-in editors selected specifically for your website.
  • Fast Turn Around: Quick Planning + Development (Sites are ready in 5-21 days)
  • Affordable: All small / retail businesses benefit from our great pricing and flexible terms.
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Should I use Squarespace for my website?

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Mobile / Responsive

All websites created by us are mobile friendly (able to be viewed clearly from any phone, tablet, desktop computer or laptop).  We only build responsive or mobile friendly websites.  Period.  Responsive Web Design is an automatic for us.

Google Friendly

We always honor Google’s Webmaster Guidelines with our small business, web store or retail web design clients. We DO NOT use deceptive, black-hat, cloak, or crawler only tactics when we create websites.

E-Commerce Ready

To make sales online you’ll need an eCommerce ready website that has been customized to convert your browsers or visitors into Buyers. Our small business web design is ready to guarantee sales success.

Owner Friendly

Also known as DIY; over 60%+ of our websites are created with a carefully chosen page builder or in a way that allows an employee or the business owner to edit and make changes to their website’s content, pictures and information.

E-Commerce Web Design

  • “Sales First” Oriented: We build the cleanest, user-friendly web store eCommerce experience for your business. Shopping cart features like: Integrated free shipping calculations, tracking numbers, “related products” and auto-coupons will make online conversions and purchases simple and manageable.
  • Robustly Integrated: We only build websites and eCommerce solutions with support and connectivity with 3rd party integrations like: Constant Contact, Google Checkout, Square, Quickbooks, SalesForce, Soho, Hubspot and so many more.
  • Clear Product/Item Design: Just like a physical or retail shop your eCommerce website will provide descriptive item information and specs. Properly designed and edited photo’s, content and sales copy will be crucial to get sales rolling in.
  • Security and Strength: The online world is scary for new shops, it’s important to have a website that has greater than industry standards for security in place to protect customer payment data and personal information. We don’t build payment systems, we use trusted partners like Authorize.net, Paypal, Amazon and more to stay PCI compliant and save you from billing headaches.
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Google & Mobile

Google’s Webmaster Guidelines along with best practices are built into all our eCommerce sites.  All eCommerce sites created by us our also mobile friendly and ready.  We’ll never resort to deceptive, black-hat, cloak, or banned tactics when we create websites.

High Volume Sales Conversion Optimized

From the payment options & shipping fees all the way down to the “create an account page” affects your conversion rate. Consistent sales and website conversions come from Creative Works eCommerce web design and goal oriented project planning.

Clear Messaging &

Our eCommerce website design will include great calls-to-action converting your visitors from window shoppers to paying customers. We plan and develop the flow and process for each page and specific key actions that help you accomplish business goals,  generate leads and more sales.

100% Your Brand
Your Way

Often times the products or services you sell are common but the web store experience with your website can make the difference between you and your competitors.  Designing an eCommerce or web store with us is a great way to reflect the personality of your business with style and prestige while selling.

The very best in Ecommerce business solutions


Fix & Shopping Cart Design

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WooCommerce (WP)

Fixes & Custom Design

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Custom Design and Shopify Fix

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Small Business Web Design is no joke.  E-Commerce and Shopping Cart Web Design isn’t any easier.

It’s hard to know what to put on the website to make a difference between you and your competitors and also somehow drive sales.

Let us show you how

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Custom Website
Design & Development

Custom website design and development is not always as complicated and tiring as it seems. Let us break it down for you and make it easy for you to understand.

We specialize in designing and developing websites, can provide custom development on themes and plugins and make the changes necessary to make your website design and customer experience unique.

When you’re trying to differentiate yourself from competitors you’ll need to really pop and stand out to make it big. Templates and cookie cutter designs are not for everyone. Not only do we design/customize themes and templates; but we’re also willing to create completely custom squeeze, lead, landing page, contact page and inner pages for your website design project.

You’ll be surprisingly refreshed to know that with Creative Works you’ll have the best team working on your custom website design or development project.

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