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We Help People Do Everything Better Online

Over a decade’s worth “learning curve” of leads generated, sales goals smashed, websites created, cold-calls made, e-mails sent, keywords selected, tried, failed, repeated and succeeded.  We turned all of that into services and solutions you can bank on.

We Take On Challenging Projects That Produce Bigger Rewards.

The Right Team. The Right Solutions.

Considering our wide range of unique services and solutions, we hold the position that there is NO ROOM for One-Size-Fits-All mentality in pursuit of business or professional excellence.

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We'll never get the true credit due for how tough it is being a decision maker or business owner


Let us show you how you can save more money and generate more sales with our FREE sales, marketing and operations [SMO] “check-up” for your business today.

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Even if you don't have a business, or a professional license you have an online presence.

Its 2016 Now

Even during the casual business meeting you could be “searched, “googled” and more. We think it better to control the content and have it work in your favor, Agree ?
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Goal = To help small businesses, large businesses, and professionals be the best

We work with just about anyone who needs to make themselves look or perform better online.  For you that could be: generating more website traffic, having more employers and companies clicking on your resume and Linkedin profile, starting that dream blog about your hobby you’ve always wanted, generating inbound leads or chillin’ at the top of google search results.

How we help

Strong Focus on Customer Service

Communication is key.  Maybe your situation requires a custom, hands-on approach.  That’s OK.  There’s no need to get bogged down with tangents, we listen to your needs, requirements and plan accordingly.

Drawing from Experience

We have over a decade of extensive sales, marketing and technical knowledge in operations and business development.  We aren’t just tech guys or just sales guys.  We know the ins and outs of what we’re proposing to help you with and have the team of strategic partners to back us up.

Trusting in Data  

We don’t go on our “hunch” or “gut” instincts.  We use information in the form of sales, abandoned carts, clicks, calls, e-mails opened, visits and such to report your online performance during and after our project or work together.  Although our prestige & experience might’ve gotten you to notice or work with us, it’s the DATA or proof in the pudding that will keep you coming back for more.

Why we do this

Few people ask WHY, we think it’s because they assume, “the money”, but actually it’s the feeling of fullness we get from helping people overcome things that may seem simple or even routine for us.  As you get to know us you’ll see, we share a love for helping people get through the hurdles and hang-ups we also experienced in the web presence and online era.

Once we kick the tires and break the ice with some of our services and solutions; you’ll realize they are an investment, rather than ongoing costs .  Creative Works will start a snowball-effect of opportunities, contacts, savings and sales for you & your business over and over.  Your satisfaction keeps our business growing.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

Benjamin Franklin

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From the Founder

Chris Mendoza
Chris MendozaAll Arounder
Not just a consultant but the man behind just about every customer interaction or transaction at Creative Works LLC. A proponent of change, growth, innovation and progressive thinking. The guy who puts himself in everyone’s shoes to solve problems and create solutions.
Problem-Solver / Solution-Finder 85%
Web Design & Development 90%
Marketing & Business Development 95%
Web Presence Consulting 100%

This all began with computer networking & hardware configuration (building and selling computers) at 16 years old in high school.  It was a hobby that turned into side money followed by studying computer networking and Business Administration in College.  During college I was already building websites by FTP with HTML.  In 2009 I got really involved in online advertising where I marketed a cellphone software reprogramming service I discovered on a forum.  I advertised on Craigslist, then eBay, then my own WordPress website with WooCommerce.

Soon after, I was involved in outside sales: meeting cellphone business store owners and convincing them that I could help them save time, money and modernize their business at the same time.  I turned a retail cell phone store into a wholesale online leader in the cellphone marketplace, I built an inside sales virtual salesforce using e-mail campaigns, a book of business and a CRM.  I collaborated with creatives via Basecamp and held meetings with CTO’s and CEO’s about product development, corporate branding and marketing projects like PPC and SEO/SEM.  Safe to say I had gotten in pretty deep in on this side of things without getting dumbed down by corporate.

That’s when I had the epiphany.  I had gone through so many long, painful, costly learning curves in my professional development and granted – many times I was paid to learn and paid to experiment but I was missing a purpose that tied it all together.  I had always used what I had previously learned in order to do the next thing(s) better, faster or more efficient as a natural operations-guy thinker but that life just wasn’t fulfilling.

The Light Bulb Moment:  I began to realize that I could use my previous “learning curve” to help professionals and business owners succeed and surpass the many things they are going/about to go through.

In 2014, I created Creative Works LLC.  I knew a thing or two about technology and saw technology changing at a lightspeed pace, particularly in the online marketing areas as well as the impact it was having on professionals that weren’t even necessarily in the online business arena such as job seekers, lawyers, plumbers, etc.  I’ve always been a person who believes in the multiplier effect and although it’s tempting – I try to stick to doing the things that I do best while building strategic partnerships to help me handle the rest or less significant tasks and still provide great service.

We’re now a fully-devoted online or web presence consulting agency.  We’ve got a range of creative techniques and solutions we’ve tailored and we’re not attached to any single one of them.  We use our past, present, and whatever else it takes to pull in more quality leads, prospect opportunities, save money and get more sales coming in for your business.

Our Strategic Partners

Hand drawing Win Win Puzzle Concept with black marker on transparent wipe board.
Problem-Solver / Solution-Finder 85%
Hand drawing Win Win Puzzle Concept with black marker on transparent wipe board.
Problem-Solver / Solution-Finder 85%
Hand drawing Win Win Puzzle Concept with black marker on transparent wipe board.
Problem-Solver / Solution-Finder 85%

Thanks to the Internet We Can Help You Worldwide.

Great results from goal-oriented creativity and a drive to “make things better”.

What can we say? It’s in our DNA. We always find a way to make things more efficient and effective. Never truly satisfied in our quest, we keep growing and learning.


Creativity alone is not enough, sometimes useless. With our experience in business and project management, we give Creativity the essential elements it needs to crank out the best results.


Being more operations and effectiveness minded than usual we are self-motivated to power through and overcome obstacles while accomplishing our client goals and objectives.


We are confident we can assess your online advantages, potential areas of improvement, weaknesses, and apply proven techniques and solutions for better business.

Be the Best Online at What You Do

Through Guidance, Innovation, Creative Services and Solutions

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